Thursday, November 7, 2013

Through his Creative Eyes

My son's amusement with creating, building, painting, drawing, and sketching things has been prevalent throughout his life. From blocks, zoobs, legos etc, he loves them all. A child's imagination is big and wide! Now here are some of his stuff, that I made sure I have compiled so that we can see them when he becomes an adult.

makeshift tent with his toys
created something from paper, glue and tissue (binocular, boat/tank)
memory bible verse (Psalm 119:33)
hidden meaning artwork and blessing (tree house)
acrylic paint
Go Get Fish Miam! (Matt 28:19)
Matthew 28:19 (NIV)
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

May God continue to bless and touch my son's heart! Teaching him God's ways and words. Give him a heart that loves the Lord Jesus Christ most of all! Amen.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...Christmas!

During this time, every child would want to have this decor in their home. I would, as I recall it back then. It was festive, sparkly and magical for me. I know that these decorations at home are just plain symbols for an occasion that people celebrate yearly. Christmas is a very special holiday for me and my family. 

As Christians, we want to remember how special it is that Jesus came to the world. 

Since we have been celebrating Christmas with our only child for 5 beautiful years now, this is a family event for us. My son can already help around, he was the one who put together some branches, opened it up, hang ornaments and place the star on top of the tree. It was a mom and son bonding since my husband was at work at that time and we felt it was time to put up the tree.

Hence, here's our simple and lavender/purple tree!


My little helper son, Mi amore!
Thank God my two boys in my life allowed me to enjoy my favorite color in a tree!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Jollibee Fun Costume Party

my family with cutiepie Cayla
We were invited at my brother-in-law's niece first birthday party and it was every kid's big celebration. My sister's in-laws, live just near my parents home and we've been in each others lives since her then boyfriend proposed to her. They've just been so kind to our family ever since.

The party was last November 2 at a Jollibee branch near our families homes. 

It was a costume kiddie occasion, including a photo booth and face painting treat for both young and old to enjoy.

the birthday celebrant's family (in proper costume - cute!)
Miam (Emperor Caesar) and Cayla (the celebrant in Princess Jasmine attire)

my big and crazy family
My sister and brother-in-law with my son and the pretty birthday celebrant

May God bless and protect you always dear pretty girl Cayla!


Monday, November 4, 2013

Missing my Lola (Grandma)

Memorial on a hill
We went to where my Lola is now buried, to give honor and remember her (or just the thought that this is the last place I saw her face). It was a family reunion with my mom and siblings. My Lola went to heaven at the age of 83. She just closed her eyes, quietly and peacefully with us knowing that it was going to happen soon. She was bed ridden for a year and had a lot of bed sores, hence it was better for her to finally return to our maker, than to prolong her pain. 

Lunch at Mary Grace before going to Manila Memorial Dasma
She was my second mom. She would always take care of us when we travel and stay at their house in Baguio City (a province, north of the Philippines) every summer when I was a child until my teens. They finally stayed near our home when I was almost college and it was such a relief for me to see her most of the time since then. 

I always see her as the kind, gentle, caring and generous kind of person. She never had ill-feelings towards anyone. She was the friend of everybody, in the market, along the streets and all of her neighbors always waved or talked to her when they meet. It sometimes makes me mad because some would abuse her kindness. Lola would give whatever is left for her to someone else whom she thinks needs it more. She was solely living on pension, and it was an ample amount, good for all her simple needs only. 

She originally came from Tacloban City in the Visayas (one major island in the Philippines, the eldest of 5 kids wherein she's the only girl. At a young age, she is already responsible and a hard worker. Always thinking of others than herself. She left her hometown and family when her dad died. She had a not-so-good childhood. She never talked about her past, but she told me that she was there when in 1944 General Douglas MacArthur came to the Philippines (World War II).

Palo Leyte

My Lola was close to my heart. I always want to be with her. When I had my son, we lived beside her (just 3 houses away from ours). Everyday for the whole 6 months, we see each other. Morning walks with my son going to her house was special. Then she had to transfer to my parents home because my grandfather died. She gave me a lot of simple but special things like her curtains, mirror and even her wall clock. I would often go to my mom who lives within our village also, and just talk to her for hours when I am there (which is almost everyday). She was my constant solace. Her last months were terrible to see because she was always in pain and couldn't talk anymore. She would just stare upwards and shed a tear. I really don't want to think about that though (awfully painful times). We always pray and talk about God. I would always tell her I love her. I would want her to know that.
Lola with her grandchild and great grandchild
When I was a kid I thought she will always be here with me, and now she is gone. I do think of her on a weekly basis. Still cry when I think about our moments together. 

I thank God for her and her life. That I had the privilege to know her and blessed to be her granddaughter. 

But my happy thought, to stop my crying, when I think about her is that,
now, she is joyfully dancing in heaven with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! (because she really longed to walk again...)

See you there Lola ko! I love you always! Miss you everyday!
at my Wedding (2005) with my favorite person (my look-a-like)


Friday, November 1, 2013

Fries, Fishes and Fatcho Friday

Loving his fries!
Today is a holiday here in the Philippines. We just had a "staycation" and watched TV, bike in the garage, eat and rest. It was pleasantly simple yet peaceful, no expenses at all and quite fun for me and my son. 

Fries in the making!

Fishy - Fishy!
I promised to make him french fries. And while I was cooking, he was making arts. Apparently, it was animals in the sea. Fishes of some sort! 

nuts about peanuts and milk
He's been eating a lot lately. Although my son is not fat at all (even bluntly says that he doesn't want to be fat), he is a muncher. Loves to eat tiger biscuits, peanuts, peanut butter in crackers, milk, chocolate milk and other biscuits. He's been snacking like there's no tomorrow. He even tells me that he thinks there's a huge animal inside his belly that's eating all that he eats. Hilarious! 

That is why, I named this post Fries, Fishes and Fatcho Friday!
Suits it well!

God bless everyone!



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